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NOTICE: Now you can register your vehicle online and receive Hawaii license plates, title & registration anywhere on the U.S Mainland BEFORE YOU SHIP the vehicle.


Frequently asked questions
( F.A.Q )

Q. Why are your services special?

A. Because we will spend all the time that is required to solve your problems and concerns. There is no Government DMV office in the USA that can make that statement. From our first contact with you until our job is done, we are there for you answering as many questions as you may have and sharing our knowledge.

Government DMV offices in Hawaii are not permitted to solve your problems. They will tell you what paperwork you need, but you will need to complete it. The burden of acquiring the correct documents and filing them is solely your responsibility.

Many people who move to a new state also ship their cars, however, they are not aware of the laws and the numerous regulations that will permit them to register their vehicle. In Hawaii,if they exceed 30 days, they can receive many traffic citations. We understand the stress a person can be under when re-locating. Hawaii Vehicle Registration Service takes the weight off your shoulders.

Q. If I purchase a vehicle and the previous owner moves without giving me all the documents that I need , and I can't find him, what happens?

A. Absolutely nothing! You will remain frustrated and you will be subject to receiving many citations if you exceed the 30 day limitation of time. Never ship a vehicle to Hawaii unless you make sure that you have everything that you need. Call us before you finalize the purchase.

Q. How does Aloha Vehicle Registration Online solve problems?

A. We are staffed by an elite group of professional licensing specialists with over 120 years of combined experience, and we have access to resources not available to the general public. Generally speaking, we have already heard the problem before and know how to solve it again, immediately. There are occasions, however, when we have to pool our resources to solve a problem. This is where we really shine. We never miss! New car dealers and individuals rely on our expertise. Our track record is perfect!

Q. Who uses Aloha Vehicle Registration Online ?

A. Everyone! Individuals, Fortune 500 companies, relocation companies, name it. Sooner or later we'll solve another problem. Perhaps it will be yours. That's what we're all about. We love what we do and we're the best of the best!

Q. Where are my documents? I filled out your on-line form!

A. You never faxed in your registration.

Q. How much does your service cost?

A. Please see CLICK HERE for answers.

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